Discovering the Charms of an Ancient Omani Village

Discovering the Charms of an Ancient Omani Village

Aside from its wadis, fjords, mountains, beaches, sinkholes and waterfalls, much of Oman’s undeniable charm lies on its warm, welcoming people.

The kind, smiling faces of Omanis assure you that you are going to have an extraordinary Arabian getaway. This is precisely the reason why in tailoring our MICE programmes in the Sultanate, we make it a point to include visits to villages and dining experiences at a local’s home.

One of the must-visit villages of Oman is Misfah, a centuries-old neighbourhood perched on a mountain. Just walk through the alleys lined with houses made of clay and mud and you’ll have a glimpse of how locals lived in the early years of civilisation.

Misfah’s falaj, the Arabia’s ancient irrigation system, ensures that the green mountain terraces yield bountiful harvests. Fruits, such as mango, papaya, banana and dates, and vegetables are plenty, in spite of the dry vegetation elsewhere in the desert.

The farms and the village will be part of your group’s trip to Misfah. Expect a lot of walking around the area, but it’s the kind of stroll you will certainly enjoy.

Your visit to this mountain neighbourhood will not be complete without dining in an old stone house tucked within lush palm gardens surrounded with falaj, or the water channels. The house has been carefully renovated to accommodate the needs of international travellers but its distinct Omani character remains intact.

This stone house is a well-loved MICE venue in Oman. Whether you’re on the terrace with the panoramic view of the farms or inside the lovely traditional home, you are sure to feel the welcoming culture and the refreshing natural environment of the Sultanate.

The Old House of Misfah can accommodate a maximum of 45 guests for lunch, breakfast or even a coffee break. All the menus available are passionately prepared by a local Omani family in the village. Now that’s Arabian hospitality at its finest.