‘Drive Across Oman’, an exclusive GD experience

‘Drive Across Oman’, an exclusive GD experience

Gulf Dunes has scoped out a new experience for those who love adventure and want to discover the best kept secrets of Oman. We’re talking about sites that are off the radar and remote patches of glorious nature that are seldom visited.

Oman is almost four times the size of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The wadis and the turquoise natural pools amidst limestone formations are but a speck of the uncharted territories of Oman. It has been dubbed the Jewel of Arabia for a good reason, and this cross-country drive will make guests understand why.


This is a two-day excursion with the following highlights:

Day 1 | Afternoon: We set off and drive to a campsite through the mountain range. We’ll spend the night in the desert camp.

Day 2 | Morning: We’ll drive through the sand dunes to a secluded beach where lunch will be served. Then we’ll be driving back to Muscat and to your hotel.

The Drive

The first leg of this cross-country drive takes you through the Hajjar Mountain range all the way to a traditional Bedouin camp.

Expect your ride to be adventurously rough as your 4×4 vehicle goes past a track road and on wadis that have dried up a long time ago.

At the camp, enjoy a local feast complete with live cultural entertainment. Then, get ready to sleep under a blanket of stars in the middle of the sand—an experience you should not miss. Let the serenity of the desert and the sparkling sky lull you to a good night’s sleep.

The next day, you’ll be waking up to a traditional Omani breakfast before you hop aboard the 4×4 to continue the drive. This time, you will be bashing the dunes of Wahiba Sands, where desert slopes reach up to hundreds of feet in height.

Your desert ride shall end with a private lunch on the beach, with a view of the Gulf of Oman. After your scrumptious meal and some quiet time at the beach, we’ll drive back along the coast of Muscat.

In A Nutshell

This off-road, driving activity lets you enjoy the natural beauty of Oman as you wander into the wilderness in a highly safe and organised excursion.

This drive, however, is just an initial idea. We will be happy to customise this even further to add in other exciting activities, such as a mountaintop lunch overlooking the grand canyon of Oman, beach activities, cultural and heritage stops, and many more.

Oman is characterised with a highly diverse terrain just waiting to be discovered. Have a great adventure with Gulf Dunes!