Embrace the Emirati Culture with New Abu Dhabi Experiences

Embrace the Emirati Culture with New Abu Dhabi Experiences

The world has known Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE as the destination with the tallest, the biggest and much more. Shifting gears with its new programmes and experiences, the capital is now aiming at taking global travellers into the heart of Emirati culture.

Emirati experts are now leading a host of new tour programmes that explores the day-to-day life, golden traditions, and the rich heritage of the country.

Here are three of their programmes that we think would be great additions to your next itinerary:

1. Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey

In the pre-oil era, most of the people of the UAE lived on pearls. They would dive and scour the Gulf before sunrise up until sunset to collect oysters from the seabed. Children as young as nine years old are taught how to pry these oysters open and get those valuable pearls. The rest, as they say, is history.

Keeping the industry alive, the Pearl Journey allows you to experience the historic art of pearl diving. In a scenic boat ride, you’ll learn about the amazing story of how this craft has shaped the lives of Emiratis in the early 1900s.

You will also get a hands-on experience of opening a live oyster to find a pearl and bring home a precious one as a memento.

2. Emirati House

Guests can experience genuine local hospitality as guest of an Emirati family right in their home. You’ll get to learn not only about how they warmly they welcome people but also about their family life, habits and traditions.
For an evening, you will be part of the family, enjoying their favourite activities and sampling some delicious home-made local food.

3. Local food tour

We can give you a list of all the luxurious restaurants you can dine in to sample the best cuisines thriving in the country. But if you wish to have a taste of the most loved Emirati dishes and delicacies, this is the tour for you. The best part is—it is not expensive at all.

For three hours, you will indulge on some of the most authentic local food served by a range of affordable eateries in Abu Dhabi.

These three activities are ideal for groups of five to 20 guests, but Gulf Dunes is currently working with the Department of Tourism and Culture to see how we can extend these amazing cultural experiences to groups of larger sizes. Stay tuned.

It’s high time that the world gets to know the people and the culture behind some of world’s grandest icons. Join us in this discovery on your next trip to the UAE.