Five Cool Features of Our New Website

Five Cool Features of Our New Website

The excitement we had over the launch of our new website a month ago still hasn’t died down especially because of the positive feedback and traffic we continue to receive from clients and partners.

But apart from its enhanced look and feel, there are a lot of cool web features you may not have explored yet.

Here are five useful links and functions you should know:


1. Our sample programmes will surely serve you well.


Now you no longer have to request a proposal and wait a while just to have an idea of what your group can do in our destinations. We have already created samples for you.

Our sample programmes feature basic itineraries that can be tailored to your preferences.

Each programme is also packed with the information describing each experience and activity featured in a day. When you open the link to one sample, click on the “i” buttons to see a pop-up with details. You may also download the program for future reference.

Try this feature here.


2. You may contact our team directly—via e-mail or even mobile.


How many companies would actually place their team members’ contact details on their websites? From our CEO and General Manager to our Project Managers and Executives, and even our Marketing team, you can contact us directly.

That is how much we value your inquiries and feedback.

With our Contact Us Page, the Gulf Dunes Team is always just one click away from you.


3. Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to someone from Gulf Dunes who speaks your language and is just close by?


Just listen to what our market representatives have to say.

The contact details page for our global market representatives features videos that will tell you what they about love us and our destinations.

Messages are spoken in different languages, depending on the market they are based in. So go check out our representative’s greeting for the market you’re part of! Here’s the link.


4. What time is it in the UAE and Oman? How’s the weather?


This one’s a little bonus: As you browse through our website, laden with all the captivating sights of the UAE and Oman, you may start wondering how warm or cold could today be in Arabia? Or, maybe you may simply want to know the time difference from where you are based in?

All you have to do is look at the header and you will find the prevailing weather in Dubai, where our head office is located. Beside it is our local time (GMT +4).


5. Want to know why you should work with Gulf Dunes?


We’re not a fan of long introductions and complex explanations. Reason why we have summed up what we have to offer in the fewest, simplest words.

Check out our about page to learn about The Gulf Dunes Advantage and Our Core Values, along with what we do as the Destination Management Company of the United Arab Emirates and Oman.