Five things we love about La Perle by Dragone

Five things we love about La Perle by Dragone

La Perle by Dragone has finally raised its curtains on August 31, welcoming everyone to fantasy worlds that go beyond your imagination.

The Gulf Dunes team was among the show’s first audiences—and our verdict was unanimous: It was astounding.

La Perle, a production from the company of the legendary creative director Franco Dragone, is a 90-minute show that stars 65 artists performing jaw-dropping stunts. It is the region’s first permanent show and a definite must-see when you’re travelling to the Middle East.

The show runs twice a night, five days a week from Tuesday to Friday.

Here are five things we love about La Perle and a rundown of what you can expect from such a world-class spectacle:

  1. 1. The Stage (and everything around it)

The mere fact that the La Perle stage is filled with 2.7 million litres of water is impressive on its own; but to see it right in action is simply incredible.

With the state-of-the-art technology in place, the aqua stage transforms from land to water scenes seamlessly.

Just imagine being in a busy city at one point and before you know it, you have already been transported to a rainforest with a deer happily trotting its way to a pond. At one moment, you’d be in a dreamy wonderland with stars and sparkles raining down on you; then next thing you know you’re at a king’s palace.

Everything you see inside the theatre (the seats, the walls, the floor, the dome) is also a projection screen, making all the visual treats and optical illusions work for the show.


  1. 2. The Divers and the Acrobats

There’s just so much talent on display at La Perle: performers spin, roll, jump, fly about, and toss each other with unparalleled grace and vigour.

You can’t help but hold your breath when artists climb their way up to 85 feet above the ground–and dive right into the stage’s pool!


  1. 3. The Motorcycle Stunts

The biggest rounds of applause for the night rang through the theatre when the phenomenal ‘Globe of Death’ hogged the spotlight.

Hoisted up in the air with a detachable bottom, La Perle’s Globe was different from those you’d usually see in circuses. Motorcycle riders came spinning inside the sphere and soon as they gained enough momentum in the upper portion of the globe, the bottom part suddenly opens up! Talk about defying gravity! Unbelievable.


  1. 4. The Arabian grandeur

Aside from being an amazing spectacle, La Perle is also a celebration of the Arabian culture. It tells the story of Dubai, from its cultural history and its pearl-diving roots to the bright future it aspires to achieve.

Touches of Arabia were evident all throughout the show: the traditional lamps and bejeweled chandeliers, the Oryx, the pearls and the gold. They were mesmerising.


  1. 5. Post-show Dining Options

Right after the curtain call, you head for the exit with your imagination still running wild: What do you do?


From a MICE point of view, we’d take you to a group dinner where you can settle down and share your thoughts with your mates.

Thankfully, The Atrium, where La Perle is located, has a wide range of dining options you can choose from.

They have a fine dining restaurant serving South African steak, a British pub, a Latin American outlet, an Asian lounge, and more.

It’s always a brilliant idea to cap a spectacular night with good food.