Looking for a unique incentive activity? Go turtle-watching!

Looking for a unique incentive activity? Go turtle-watching!

Did you know that thousands of sea turtles migrate annually from the shores of the Arabian Gulf, the Red Sea and Somalia to lay their eggs on the Sultanate’s shores? Thousands.

So if you’re planning a MICE escapade between July and October, consider doing it in Oman. You just have to see such a beautiful phenomenon for yourself. During this period, around 20,000 turtles (or even more!) wade their way to Omani shores to lay 50,000 to 60,000 eggs.

Oman has five of the world’s seven species of sea turtles: The Green Turtle, found on most Omani beaches and plenty can be seen in Ras Al Hadd, Ras Al Jinz, Masirah Island and Ad Daymaniyat Islands; the Loggerhead Turtle that nests on Masirah Island, the shores of Dhofar and Daymaniyat Islands; the Hawksbill Turtle that nests on the shores of Muscat and Daymaniyat Islands; the Olive Ridley Turtle that nests on Masirah Island; and the Leatherback Turtle which is found in Omani waters but does not nest in the Sultanate.

When you find yourself in the Sultante during the turle-nesting season, reserve a night or two to see the gentle creatures in action.

Wait for the gang to emerge from the waters with their heavy shells on their backs and watch them dash their way to the beach.

With all the strength they could muster, they would dig a hole in the sand using their paws to bury their eggs. After the job is done, they would promptly return to sea.

It takes about 55 days for the eggs to hatch, a natural scenario that is just as captivating. Seeing the baby turtles crack their shell and make their way into the waters will melt your heart. Cheer for them as they push their way toward the sea, fighting their way through the hungry foxes, crabs and birds that could be waiting for them.

Even the grandest show on earth pales in comparison with such little wonders of nature.