Making the desert magic work for MICE

Making the desert magic work for MICE

Much has been said about the stunning desert of Arabia: From how the setting sun turns the rolling dunes into a landscape of golden hills, up to how a blanket of stars vividly takes over its sky come night time.

No matter how many times you’ve been to the desert, its grandeur never wanes.

You get to discover more of it and learn more about the adventures it holds.

On this side of the world, the desert is our home. Our MICE programmes in the UAE are never complete without a trip to the dunes – be it for a staple desert safari ride, a team-building activity, or a gala dinner done in a grand Bedouin fashion.

In this feature, we walk you through two of the main things we take seriously into consideration whenever we put together an unforgettable event in the desert: The Venue and The Activities.

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Gulf Dunes is proud to have a wide network of venue partners. This ensures delivery of a remarkable desert experience for groups of every size and kind. Whether it is an all-out adventure that goes from sunset to midnight or an evening programme with five-star dining, Gulf Dunes has the expertise and resources required to facilitate a successful event.