New dive centre to open in Oman

New dive centre to open in Oman

Musandam has long been a popular site for snorkeling and dolphin-watching. Taking marine adventures to the next level, a new dive centre is set to open at the Atana Musandam hotel this September 2018.

The project is led by tourism developer Omran and Freestyle Divers Oman.

“Musandam is blessed with an abundance of marine life, and the new dive centre will not only add additional leisure activities to the hotel’s offering, but encourage awareness of marine life conservation,” Hafidh Al Hadhrami, Omran’s Asset Manager for Asset and Fund Management, said in a local media report.

The experience at the centre is not all about diving. Special packages that feature underwater photography, discovery and exploration of new sites, and marine conservation and biology will also be available.

“Musandam offers a huge opportunity to discover new diving sites, having retained its wild and untamed nature,” Bader Al Shahi, co-founder of Freestyle Divers Oman, said in the report. “We have pristine reefs with amazingly diverse marine life, from tiny critters up to large animals such as whales, dolphins and sharks. We even spotted orcas this year! All of that against a backdrop of amazing fjords, beautiful cliffs, and warm water.”

Diving is a remarkable adventure that is ideal for smaller groups of guests. Sharing those underwater moments with the team, in the company of brightly colored fish, is truly priceless.

Details on how this new dive centre would accommodate MICE functions are not yet available as of this writing. But soon as it opens its doors to everyone, we will share more details about this exciting development in Oman.

Source: Times of Oman