Not Your Usual Outdoor Adventures

Not Your Usual Outdoor Adventures

It takes a lot of creativity to get everyone in a MICE group engaged in a day’s activity; so we understand the need to find new, exciting activities to do.

In this feature, we are giving you some unique adventure ideas that are perfect for teams of various sizes. We will not be talking about the usual, all-time favourites you may already know about (F1 driving, karting and skydiving). While we love those too, we are all for bringing fresh, out-of-the-box ideas to the table!

1. Camel Polo


Let’s give the world-renowned polo game an Arabian twist: Instead of playing on horseback, participants will be riding camels as they try to hit the ball! A trainer will be seated in the front seat of the saddle so you can focus on hitting and directing the ball towards the goal.

Played with rules similar to standard polo, this version includes a few surprises and accessible to all skill levels.

Minimum of eight players are required and a maximum capacity of 60 players at a time. A bigger group can certainly be accommodated with some adjustments and enough lead time to prepare.

2. Motorbikes Tour


For groups who are into extraordinary desert thrills, why not try crossing the desert on a motorbike?

You’ll be riding the motorbike with full gear on and zipping your way through the dunes, with a seemingly endless sand trail behind you just like in the movies. Crazy stunts and dangerous moves are prohibited, of course. Professional supervision is provided all throughout the tour.

3. Aventura


Embrace the Great Outdoors and be one with Dubai’s new nature-themed adventure park set in a forest of Ghaf trees, the UAE’s national tree.

Make sure your limbs and muscles are ready for the series of obstacles you’d have to tackle by climbing, crawling, trekking, jumping, balancing and even zip-lining!

The park has a total of 85 exhilarating challenges across five different levels, off the ground and between the trees. Conquer the longest series of tree-top ziplines in the region and leap across the great 25-meter Tarzan jump!

4. Tandem Flight


Savour the breath-taking views of Oman in an entirely different way: Take flight on a ParaTrike.

A ParaTrike is a light aircraft with two seats, three wheels and a parachute. You will be flying with a qualified tandem pilot who will make sure you can safely enjoy the amazing views from up in the sky.


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