Staple Desert Activities & Out-of-the-box Ideas

Staple Desert Activities & Out-of-the-box Ideas

The desert knows no boundaries. When it comes to the things that you can do amidst the rolling dunes of sand, you are limited only by your own imagination (and, of course, safety laws and standards).

Let us start with three activities that are considered staples, which means any programme in the desert should include these:

1. Dune-bashing

Hop in a 4×4 vehicle and let experienced desert drivers take you out on a thrilling ride across the sand. You will be driven up and down the steep slopes with an intensity that would make you hold tight to the car’s handrails.

2. Sand-boarding

Test your balance without worrying about a bad fall. All you have to do is get your feet on the board and slide down the slope. Since the desert sand provides the perfect cushion, it doesn’t really matter that much if you tumble your way down.

3. Quad-biking

Done with safety restrictions in place, quad-biking allows you to feel what it’s like to drive on the sand in an ATV. Just don’t forget to wear your helmets and follow all instructions.


Out-of-the-box Activity Ideas


The three staples aside, Gulf Dunes has a treasure chest of desert activities and ideas that are only shared exclusively with clients. Here’s a preview of five activities we have already done in the past.

1. Treasure hunt in the dunes

Let’s hide some gems all over the desert and get your group of explorers to find each of them. All gems will have something to do with the secrets of Arabia. Using our clues and strategic hiding places, you’ll also get to know some of the desert’s indigenous flora and fauna.

2. Desert clean-up drive

Why not do an activity for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and join us in a clean-up of the desert? We’ll also invite experts over to give some educational talk about the environment and the conservation efforts underway.

3. Quad-bike race

Who needs a race track when you have one as endless as the desert? We’ll set up an obstacle course with flags where you can race with your team on quad bikes.

4. The Camel and a Thirsty Bedouin Game

This appears to be a very simple game until you take your turn as the camel rider. The objective of the game is to bring a cup of water to the thirsty Bedouin at the other end of the line—but you have to ride a camel. So, while holding a cup filled with water, you will get on a the camel’s back. The camel then gets up, walks a bit and sits down to drop you off to your destination. Sounds easy? Well, let’s see how much water will be left in the cup after that the camel ride. The person with the highest water level delivered is declared the winner.

5. Arabian ski

Who said skiing is only made for snow? Well, there just happens to be our own version in the desert. Using long skis with ropes, team members line up on the skis and must walk in unison to get from one place to another. Now that’s where you’ll see real team spirit come into play.


In planning MICE programmes in the desert, one must simply think outside the box as there are countless adventures to be had in this magnificent place. And, if you happen to work with the best DMC in town like Gulf Dunes, you are sure to make the most out of your desert experience. As we in Gulf Dunes always say, your experience is our expertise.