Why Dubai always wins as the ‘world’s top events destination’

Why Dubai always wins as the ‘world’s top events destination’


Early this year, Dubai has won two global awards for being the top destination for events.

The International Festivals and Events Association has named it as the 2016 World Festival and Event City for the fifth time since 2011. The city has also bagged the World’s Leading Festival and Event Destination title at the annual World Travel Awards.


Looking at how Dubai has grown as a destination and the rate at which it develops world-class attractions and facilities, one won’t really find it surprising that it is hailed as one of the best cities for events.

Here are three top-of-mind reasons that make Dubai the place to be for corporate and industry gatherings, big or small:

The city has just surpassed the 100,000th hotel room milestone in the last quarter of 2016.

Accommodation even for a hundred thousand conference participants wouldn’t be a problem in Dubai. Not only does the city have enough room for all, its properties also cover a wide range of budgets—from two-star to seven-star!

And it doesn’t end there.

By the end of 2018. Dubai is expected to breach its 134,000-room target.

Event venues are plenty, diverse—and huge.

From the spacious exhibition halls of Dubai World Trade Centre to the open-air concert grounds spread out across the city, venue options are everywhere.

Dubai also provides so much room for creativity with its grand, out-of-the-box architectural and design concepts, plus an expansive desert landscape.

How would you want to hold an event underwater or right in the middle of golden sandy slopes?


There’s always something to see and something to do for everyone, age and preferences notwithstanding.

The city takes pride in the world-class icons it has built through the years. We have the world’s tallest building, the largest man-made island, the biggest man-made harbour, and a seven-star hotel, among others.

Theme parks, water parks and lifestyle complexes are everywhere, too, and so are the beach, the desert and the heritage districts